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Having apprenticed for 7 years at The Woodwind Workshop in Manchester, I now work independently as a woodwind repairer while maintaining a strong relationship with mentor and master repairer, John Clark. My students find my skills in this area particularly useful as I always carry some basic tools with me, fixing minor problems in lessons. I believe it is valuable to teach students about their instruments, to gain an understanding of the physics of sound and an appreciation of the mechanics of the key-work.

Photos of instruments I have repaired follow: light (500 pixels)_v2.jpg bari sax keywork_v2.jpg bari sax upper body_v2.jpg bari sax lower body_v2.jpg bari sax engraving_v2.jpg workshop_v3.jpg crook_v2.jpg saxman (cropped).jpg thumb rest_v2.jpg RH action_v2.jpg bench layout_v2.jpg alto _v2.jpg engraving_v2.jpg alto in case_v2.jpg otto link_v2.jpg action front F_v2.jpg action (roses)_v2.jpg action bell keys_v2.jpg