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31 days in january:
At the beginning of 2013 I set myself the challenge of creating, recording and sharing a piece of music everyday. I guess it was a resolution of sorts - to give my creative practice some extra momentum and hopefully to improve my producing skills too. There's plenty of variety as the month progressed - I thought about it lots, but I tried to create things from scratch each day.

The titles click through to each day's piece of music. or you can go straight to my soundcloud here. pic.jpg
4.1.13 - CRn busking pic.jpg am not The pic.jpg
7.1.13 - i am not The down deep pic.jpg
12.1.13 - go down deep house pic.jpg
15.1.13 - adolphi house ann remembers pic.jpg snow at dawn pic.png pic.jpg
22.1.13 - connection pic.jpg
29.1.13 - timbress